Thursday, 22 December 2016



As promised, I wanted to share my two highlighting combo's.
over a year ago when highlighting became a 'thing', not gonna lie, I was scared to 'over do it' or put it in the wrong place etc etc. but I am proud to say that I am no longer afraid and I am pretty good at it now lol
Just a quick breakdown of how I apply them both, because I think this was my problem ( and a lot of people's!) lets face it, you could have all the best brand products and all the best brushes and beauty blenders and STILL not apply your makeup correctly!
once I have done my base (foundation, concealer, eyebrows)
I apply the Benefit Watts Up cream highlighter with my finger and 'dab' it where I like ( cheek bones, nose, above top lip etc) I find this gives such a natural glow and sometimes I just stop at this step.
Then I go in with my TheBalm highlighter (which I LOVE) and I also just 'dab' or press it onto where I used the Benefit highlighter, the powder seems to hold it in place and gives you that amazing glow!
you know that kinda glow that makes you go 'Ouuuu girl' - only you makeup lovers get excited about that glow ;) ha

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Till next time beautiful.

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