Sunday, 15 January 2017


Start outfit posts
I would love to grow the confidence to post up outfits that I put together this year! I love fashion and just putting together outfits, so this year I would love to be able to share that side of me on my blog - watch this space!
Makeup Looks
Of course, I have made it very clear that I love makeup, so trying to post some more makeup looks would be amazing! Its just making sure you have the time and patience to get the shots lol because lets face it, it is not the easiest thing to get the right lighting, angle, and trying to get everything perfect (that's the life of social media! it seems to portray everything as 'picture perfect' and that isn't always the case!) but hopefully I can get some makeup posts up in the future!
Grow my blog
I have had my blog for a few years but only last year, I actually took it a bit more seriously and really enjoyed putting up posts. So, of course like anyone that blogs, they want their content read by people. I don't get caught up with numbers and stats too much, simply because I didn't start blogging for the stats but for myself, so growing it would be amazing without really trying, if that makes any sense? lol
Don't overthink post ideas
I tend to do this a lot, normally when I am struggling with post ideas. I start worrying about what content to post and I just end up giving up and close the laptop. you start thinking of 'will people read this?' 'what if someone else has a similar post?' 'this is a pointless post' - all those sort of things run through my head and its like I am already convincing myself not to post anything, so this year I want to not care so much about post ideas and trust that if I enjoyed writing it or its something I want to talk about then just post it and not overthink it!
Till next time,
G x
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  1. Lovely post.
    I am just like you, just started a new blog a few days ago, check it out here



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