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I think a breakup, at the time, can seem like the worst thing that could possibly happen at that moment in time. well that's what I thought at least! and I continued to think this for a while and I just couldn't get past it. I really did struggle, I got depressed, I put on weight and I did things that I didn't normally do. It took me a couple of months, to finally start to move on ad begin to clear my head. anyways I am blabbing, I just thought that it could be a good post idea and a gentle reminder of how I
got through it, even when I really thought I couldn't.
Started going for runs and gradually getting into fitness
Any form of exercise helped me so much and it was the short runs and getting a fitness bike that kept my mind going. any time I felt sad/angry or any type of feeling, I would literally getting changed and go for a run or a walk, to clear my head. I now find exercise as a form of therapy and our body's and minds are all connected and I had to go through some deep pain to figure this out. so now I have got myself into the habit of, as soon as I start to feel stressed or low or having a shit day, I know I need to get to the gym or just do some exercises in my room. This is my top tip, as I found it works best for me.
Spend time with friends and family
when your first get into a relationship it is so exciting and fun and the butterflies are there and everything is new - best feeling ever when in the moment. but regardless of being in a relationship or having just got out of a relationship, some girls are guilty of neglecting their friends or not making as much effort as your normally probably would. a lot of time, it is harmless and not done on purpose but as I said before, honeymoon period is so real and we all get caught up in our feelings lol. so make time for your friends and family, make memories, laugh and just do things to keep your mind busy.
Get lost in a book
 I do love getting lost in a book and I didn't realise how much this would make a difference to keeping my mind busy as much as it did. It took a couple books to find authors that I enjoyed reading but once I did, I was finishing books after 4 days. and plus, there are lots of self-help books nowadays that you can get lost in and slowly repair yourself.
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