Wednesday, 8 March 2017


I think people call it 'Bloggers block', and boy I have had my fair share of this the last month or so! mainly because I have been working a lot and just haven't got round to drafting blog posts, but I am back today with some of the things I do to get some inspiration for posts. I hope they help you with some ideas and inspiration!
Browse social media - Instagram, Blogs, Pinterest, Tumblr. I think we all do this all day everyday and I think if you explore pages that you don't normally look at, you will be surprised at what you find! I could spend hours browsing on them and after a while, I would just get inspiration, whether it is for a blog post or an outfit I could put together or a makeup look or a cute makeup dressing table set up that I stumbled across on Pinterest.
Google! - have a look on Google, type in what you want to know and then have a browse through the websites or mainly blogs that have got long lists of blog post ideas or titles or inspiration. this isn't something I do as much now but last year I did find myself going to Google for some help and in the process I found some of my favourite bloggers!
Go outside - go shopping, go for a walk and get some of that h2o! I have sat at my laptop for so long, trying to figure out some ideas and started posts that I just wasn't passionate about, so I end up deleting it and I am back to the beginning again. now I tend to just give myself a little time and if I cant think of anything, I close my laptop and move onto something else. listen to some music and distract yourself and trust me you will get inspired by something or someone!
Get a note pad - grab yourself a pen and just doodle some post titles or subjects that you know about or are passionate about. I'm not saying write down a blog post but just keep notes or just write/draw ideas and just roll with it. I tend to do this a lot, if I am out working and think of a blog post idea, I quickly right down everything that pops into my head, it is mainly random words and small sentences, simply because I when I go home and sit with the laptop, I normally think of even more things to add to an idea or sometimes even think of another post idea. just get creative! its your blog, so you can talk about whatever you like!
Give your blog a makeover - its like getting a new pair of shoes or a sexy highlighter when your feeling a little bit shitty or when you just feel like treating yourself lol there isn't anything wrong with investing in something that your passionate about and enjoy doing. I updated my blog a few months ago, and it was the best thing I did and was so easy. There are so many websites that sell blog layouts, so have a look around and find one that you like! scroll down to the bottom of my page and check out the designer of mine, he even set mine up for me (as I didn't have a clue where to start! I am still coming to terms with html guys lol)

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