About Me

Just a little bit about me..
I am 24,
I'm a very real and honest person that love living life to the fullest
I work full time, Blogging is a passion that I just can't neglect! I find myself constantly wanting to share a variety of things from beauty stuff, empowering posts, photography and anything that I have on my mind really!
Where did 'Georgiaevol' come from? to be perfectly honest, I have had my blog for a few years now, and I named it this because I like that 'evol' is the word love backwards and that you have to second read to understand it - kinda like me! also like a lot of people and things!

Contact me via;
Email - georgiah09@hotmail.co.uk

My other Social Media:
Snapchat - Geegee1x
Instagram - Georgiah13x
Pinterest - Georgiaevol

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